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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Web Design Services

My History

My History
Though I am a stay-at-home-mom now, my professional background is in web design. I've continued to do web work from home as time allows because it's something I really enjoy, it's something I know I know.

Before I gave birth to my first child, I designed business-to-business web sites for a company then called Phillips Business Information (now called Access Intelligence). These sites provided both free and paid content to professionals in the defense, aviation, telecom, satellite, cable and energy industries. Usability was a must... afterall, would you pay $6000 a year for something you couldn't use?
Unfortunately, my pre-baby sites have long been redesigned (my son is 7 1/2 years old, after all) so I can't show my former work in real time anymore. What I can show you are the sites I've designed within the last two years (before my 15 month old was born). I continue to support these sites and edit as needed.

High-end construction, Washington, DC
Site includes animated introduction and interactive portfolio

Non-profit support group for mothers in the Olney, Maryland area

Privately held company focusing on the development of lab-on-a-chip technologies for biosensors
Etsy Banners

Twitter Backgrounds

The Fab Fifteen on Mom Dot

My own blog button and of course, my own blog banner


Kathy L said...

Andrea made a custom Twitter background for @TSARedKettle, The Salvation Army USA's twitter feed. I sent her some material to work with and her great style and instinct did the rest! She incorporated wonderful design and branding ideas to make it the ideal background for what we're trying to do on Twitter. She's very creative and pleasant to work with too! I can't say enough good stuff about Andrea. I'd work with her again in an instant. Thanks again, Andrea!

Kathy Lovin
The Salvation Army
Public Affairs & Communications
Western Territory

Arya said...

I am Life Starring Ellie and Eve and Andrea made me my awesome custom twitter backgroud!!! I love it...my previous background stunk...because I did it LOL, but Andrea worked on mine and it looks so great and she even matched it to my site which gives me a "brand", another thing Andrea taught me about. I definately recommend working with her, I gave her free rein to do whatever she wanted, and she came up with something recognizable, trendy, fun, and professional...how she combined all of those I don't know. I even gave her site an award because of her greatness!!! If anyone wants to ask more questions feel free to contact me!

Victoria Arya
Life Starring Ellie and Eve

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